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Calculators (Insanity #421)

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Title: Calculators
Description: When my colleague is off work I have to bank the weekly monies.  When I use the calculator to add up I have to do it three times just in case I have pressed the wrong numbers.  Twice is not enough as I could have had the second try wrong.  On the third I am satisfied it is correct.
Username: nightbirdjo (2)  United Kingdom
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
15/11/2008 05:18:04 (631)
From: red
If I do it 3 times I usually get 3 different answers :-(

05/10/2008 00:57:26 (601)
From: modernbenoni
When I have a calculator I have to write "boobies" But hey, that's just me...

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