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Will not - cannot delete letters!! (Insanity #426)

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Title: Will not - cannot delete letters!!
Description: When typing, if I type the wrong thing, I have to save any letter that I can from certain deleted death!!

For example, if I write:  I love to eat cookies

But I was supposed to write: I loathe cookies

I would save the lives of the L, O, T, A and one of the E's. Poor things! Imagine what it would be like in a deleted world full of other unwanted letters and digits?! Dark and full of emptyness!!
Username: EatMyTry (3.3)  United Kingdom
3.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
05/10/2008 00:55:00 (600)
From: modernbenoni
Bu... Bu... But how could you loathe cookies...?

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