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Have to have Neat Panty Drawer (Insanity #434)

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Title: Have to have Neat Panty Drawer
Description: I have to have my panty drawer neat. I cant stand to have things all jumbled around. I fold everything, my panties, my bras, even my pantyhose. Everything has to be neat and orderly or I will take it out and redo it. Oh, and everything is lined up by color too. Black, Dark Grey, Brown, Purple - Red (order of the rainbow), light Grey and then white. All of my panties, bras and pantyhose are organized according to this
Username: Brynn (1.3)  United States
1.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
16/12/2008 15:05:19 (680)
From: eygen
I've never heard of a rainbow coloured Black - Darkgray - Brown - Purple - Red
lol.... ||||||||||||||||||||||||| < Is not a rainbow.


THAT is a rainbow =D
Ok enough with stupid colours already. There's nothing odd about aranging your clothes like that...Olmost everybody does it, but in a selected order.

There're as much letters in the word rainbow as there are colours in a rainbow itself....coincedence? I think not >=D

13/11/2008 18:52:44 (622)
From: duckduckKILL
You're just a neat person. Nothing weird about that.

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