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Once in; no way out. (Insanity #436)

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Title: Once in; no way out.
Description: It all started in the year of 69. That's when I lost my mind. vollenteer for the draft. Two year enlistment. Didn't know there was such a thing. Thinking I'd rather spend two years in Veit Namn then four in the Army. Well, they sent me Bang'cock. Thailand: that is. The word Thai means free in English. So I went to Freeland. The Land of Smiling Faces at the time. Was back almost before I left. With the army I was medically retired at the age of 20. Nervious condition 30%, They didn't want to fire a war. Were in retreat by the time I got there. Mare-a-wa-na lost us that one. They were stoned in the States and half of them were stone there. You talk about a loosing battle. Oh, by the way we lost 7,000 hell-a-cop-ers in the war. We should of just saved them up an flew over the country. Buy the way Lady Bird Johnson had one. It was a death trap, but they bought any-way. Meanwhile back to inside sanity (insane). I've been laballed ever form of it. They keep coming up with new ones tho. You'll have to read the book. I'm going back for my grand-kids next year. If you see a tall good with blonde hair let me know. In the jungles of Cambodia the villages think he (or she) has lap-ra-see, I owe them something.

Username: walie007 (1)  United States
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17/10/2008 00:07:44 (609)
From: jason

Hi There,

Thanks for the post. I always appreciate people's input but this site is really about specific little OCDs, odd habits and strange/cute behaviours (like I apologise to spiders and won't shower with the toilet seat up.) Do you have any of these you'd like to share?



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