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Another day I wake up. (Insanity #437)

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Title: Another day I wake up.
Description: Nice to know other wonder too. About sane or insane. I believe it comes and goes and no one knows what yyou thing in less you talk. At time that is the worse thing you can do. Don't worry tho. If it is so called professional. he'll give you a label, then you look that up and learn to correct or hide it.
Username: walie007 (1)  United States
1/5 Sane Insane

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19/10/2008 08:49:38 (610)
From: jason
Hi There,
I'm sure that there are important, serious sites on the web for people wishing to talk about mental health but this is not one of those.
We're interested, for instance, in whether you like to hang out your washing with correctly coloured clothes pegs. :-)
Bye for now

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