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Picky eater (Insanity #44)

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Title: Picky eater

i cannot stand for my food to touch especially if something is juicy, runny, or liquidy (is that a word?).  everything becomes a soggy mess.  also i've been eating one thing at a time since i was a kid.

Username: kushiels_handmaiden (2.9)  United States
3/5 Sane Insane

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02/01/2009 21:48:19 (731)
From: PostisPer
I do that as well IF its on a plate, dont have any problems with pizzas and hamburgers like i saw you others had :P but 1 thing i do have a large problem is salads especially if there is any olive oil (then i wont even touch it) or something that gives taste to the other veggies like tomatoes, that is my nr1 fear in the world vegetables touching each other

30/08/2008 16:54:44 (488)
From: mrclwrkr11
oooooo! i do that too. I can;t stad it if tey touch and i have to eat each section at a time. No body thinks thatts normal in my house.

                                                                                       -- Nicole Petta (not mrclwrkr11)

18/07/2008 13:49:56 (372)
From: MrclWrkr11
i can hav liquidy stuff touch other stuff but when my dad cooks on the grill i cant have the burgers or the burger juice tough my soy burger or ill die.....(vege)
as far as the "eat one thing at a time" thing, i used to do that when i was little with sandwiches and t.v. i dont though.....i guess i grew out of it.......

09/07/2008 18:13:46 (324)
From: Shinnerz
That is exactly me. If i'm eating a burger i seperate the bread from the burger and i actually rip the cheese off and eat everything seperately! and pizzas aswell. I take off all the toppings and eat the cheese then the pizza base and eat all the toppings when everything else is gone!

21/04/2008 02:07:42 (243)
From: Jesusheraldo
My sister is exactly the same and I don't really understand why, it all goes down the same hole eventually.

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