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12:34 (Insanity #442)

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Title: 12:34
Description: I come across 12:34 a bit too often. I see it when the time is 12:34
on treadmill, microwave timer, game score etc.
Mostly the clock though... I dunno whether this classifies as ocd. Or just plain selective perception but it's been going on for several years now.

cheers to the lovely community here :)
Username: belucai (2)  Turkey
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
20/12/2008 17:52:31 (695)
From: quitestrange
my friend has huuuugeeee connections with the number 13 and he's started pointing it out and its true. i always look at the clock when its 9.11 and i only started noticing because its like september 11th. in one of my lessons (im still in school) i alwayyyyys look at the clock when its 12:50 coincidentally

30/10/2008 20:13:25 (616)
From: Lycaneye
I have the same thing with 17:40 (we use 24 hour clocks in Denmark)
1740 is also some of the digits in my parents phonenumber.. It's really like you are in that movie "the number 23".
So I can relate

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