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People with chewed-off nails or finger-skin (Insanity #448)

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Title: People with chewed-off nails or finger-skin
Description: Is this some weird form of cannibalism? It scares me, and is a dirty looking thing.

Then their are people who chew their skin until their fingers are red-raw....

Still don't know if I can trust getting to close to someone like that...
Username: madge (1.8)  United Kingdom
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
13/11/2008 18:04:16 (620)
From: duckduckKILL
A lot of people don't like chewed-off looking nails, you're not the only one, sweety. But what I don't get is...What does it have to do with trust? Are you scared they'll touch you and make your nails look like that too? Are you scared they'll chop your hair off and stuff it in your mouth? I'd like to know.  

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