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Eyes (Insanity #45)

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Title: Eyes
Description: i work in the medical field and i like to think that i have a pretty strong stomach.  i also consider myself to have a high tolerance for pain.  i'm fine even at a gynecologist's or dentist's office.  i don't enjoy myself, that much is certain, but i don't squirm or whine either.  but i absolutely cannot stand my eyes being messed with.  i haven't been to an eye doctor in at least 10 years and all i can remeber is they couldn't hold me still long enough to shoot that blast of air into my eye.  when i was in college, we had to pair up and dispense eyedrops to our partners and have them administer them to us.  i squirmed and squealed so much that the instructor told my partner that, having given eyedrops to me, she shouldn't have near as much problems with any other patients, not even children!  i get squeamish when other ppl touch their eyes or i see eye surgery on tv or something torcherous in a movie.  i can't stand to even get water in my face.
Username: kushiels_handmaiden (2.9)  United States
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Comments (Newest First)
17/09/2008 03:40:49 (520)
From: Rlhrinda
eye balls are the worst!  my brother use to (hold on while i gag thinking about it) poke his own
eyeball and make it move around just to make me throw up
i'm totally with you

18/07/2008 13:52:28 (373)
From: MrclWrkr11

heehee i can touch my eye with my finger........

01/07/2008 20:14:08 (292)
From: matsuri_aka
Same here! Even before I had laser eye surgery, when I was just reading about it, I fainted. Then I had to go through tests, one of which required a little wand to be poked in my eyes. I nearly fainted there too. And I have completely blocked out my surgery from memory, even though I was awake through it.

01/10/2007 18:08:34 (54)
From: AMK
Funnily enough I completely agree with you. I tried getting eyel lenses once. Never again. That feeling just makes me want to puke!   However I do enjoy visiting my dentist. He plays music and hums while he works.  I can tolerate pain pritty well too, Its the open jaw that bothers me if I am still there after an hour or so.

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