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phobia of cotton balls and crunching snow. (Insanity #452)

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Title: phobia of cotton balls and crunching snow.

I have a fear of cotton balls. I cannot touch them and especially not hear the sound they make or i will freak out. I get the chills, the goose bumps and it makes my teeth hurt and from researching and talking about it i have a bad headache. I cant stand q-tips either and the only way i can clean my ears is if i wet it . I can't touch the ends tho, only the middle and sometimes i cant even grab that part! Also just recently i cannot stand the sound of crunching snow. Not all the time but especially when it is light snow that is not heavily packed and when you step on it it crunches i freak out. I  don't even go outside in the snow unless i have to becaue of this..
Does anyone feel the same?

- Nicole , Long Island

Username: heyyyoncioleex (2)  United States
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22/11/2008 13:16:04 (637)
From: jason

Hi Nicole,

You're not alone. These guys hate that too...

Bye for now

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