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have to carry a lighter (Insanity #456)

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Title: have to carry a lighter
Description: i have to carry a lighter with me at all times. It is a security thing i feel naked without one. same with scissors or utility knives.
Username: laneime (2.1)  Canada
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Comments (Newest First)
29/11/2008 23:19:08 (650)
From: laneime
no actually i don't smoke I never have and never will

25/11/2008 22:59:53 (643)
From: jason
I take it that you actually smoke?

21/11/2008 20:40:23 (635)
From: rwindsor22084
Ha ha, i have to have a lighter everywhere i go too! I have to drive all the way back to the house if i forget it. I seriously have at least 10 in my car and at least 4 at the bottom of my purse at all times!

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