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Mrclwrkr11 (Insanity #462)

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Title: Mrclwrkr11
Description: Hi this is AyerSprayer previously Mrclwrkr11.... I changed my name b/c my x-boyfriend Tyler came up w/ it.... i dicided 2 change it because that relationship went TOTALY BAD!!! seriously he waz a total jerk and cald me 4 lyk a week then stopped so for 6 months i waited for him to call me and he nvr did! n e way i got a new boyfriend since then : Jordan, and it will b 3 months in 2 weeks... so i jst wanted to vent a lytl to the world and show evryone how insane i am on the first go! so thanks evryone for donating 5 minutes of ur time to me... so coment b low and dont date jrks! - unless you lyk jerks then thats totaly ur choise...
Username: AyerSprayer (2.7)  United States
2.7/5 Sane Insane

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