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I talk to myself... (Insanity #468)

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Title: I talk to myself...
Description: not just talk, but have full on conversations and discussions... What's worse, is that i started to speak out, so people around me can hear me o.o

It also seems like i talk to my TV...

I always thought this was okay... until my friends saw me do it and were quite freaked out by this... is this weird ou acceptably normal..?
Username: ditas (2.3)  Portugal
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
29/12/2008 16:57:40 (711)
From: tania
i tend to talk to the tv too!!
lol my family doesnt like watchin movies with me cuz i wnt shut up!!
:] im wierd i guess we are all!!

29/12/2008 16:14:30 (708)
From: laneime
i do this all the time to,i talk to the television and to movies when i am in theatres as well i think it is quite normal

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