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Do your job, you wretched thing! (Insanity #469)

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Title: Do your job, you wretched thing!
Description: I talk to every item I use... radio, Laptop (it even has a name :)), Teapot (that one has, too) the TV (I have whole conversations with that one...) and the refrigerator.
Username: Tananda (1.7)  Germany
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
28/11/2008 12:42:30 (649)
From: ditas
Awe ^-^
I'm not the only one xD

26/11/2008 18:12:29 (648)
From: Tananda
Not so much like 'talking' more like 'giving signs'... My Laptop does :) And my teapot makes noises, too. But I guess that's all in how you interpreted things...

26/11/2008 18:00:30 (647)
From: jason
Do they ever talk back?... aside from the radio. :-)

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