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One's company (Insanity #474)

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Title: One's company

I find myself talking to... Me... Very often, I even tend to have full on conversations in my head, I'll argue, agree and sometimes even laugh at what I say to myself. Also most the time I feel I have to explain something to myself, which when you think about it is pretty odd, because if I know enough to explain it, I shouldn't have to explain it to myself.....

Username: DeathPlease (2.3)  United Kingdom
3.3/5 Sane Insane

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29/12/2008 16:52:25 (710)
From: tania
i know OMG i do the same thing like right
now im talkin out LOUD to myself it creeps me out but i dnt kno i juss do it!!!
lol ill say to my mind "you should know already" then i explain nd say "y the fuck im i talkin 2 myself"
ugh then i answer myself!!!!!

ps. i laugh at myself to....

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