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Stuck on repeat (Insanity #475)

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Title: Stuck on repeat

Sometimes, when I have conversations (and not with myself this time) when I say a word I think is kinda, odd. I say it over and over again. Eventually the word sounds weird and looses all meaning. Maybe repeat a word I wrote here and see if the same happens to you... 

Username: DeathPlease (2.3)  United Kingdom
2.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
02/01/2009 23:14:37 (733)
From: PostisPer
Happens to me too! Like one time when i thought of the word Ekorre which means Squirrel i got really confused and thought i had made it up. so i kept on thinking of it the whole night, the next day i asked all my friends and they just laughed, so i looked it up x|

09/12/2008 17:31:33 (658)
From: wonderbread
wow i do the same shit! thats creepy as fuck man

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