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mmmm.... Skiiiiin (Insanity #476)

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Title: mmmm.... Skiiiiin
Description: I love to bite my nails, and the skin around my fingers. Sometimes I even enjoy biting my lip until it bleeds. I also like to bite the hair on my arm sometimes and chew it for a while. Lastly and most disgustingly; I tend to bite my toe nails from time to time =)
Username: DeathPlease (2.3)  United Kingdom
2.2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
12/01/2009 17:20:58 (790)
From: AshlieFay
yeah the hair thing is a bit bizarre! hehe.
I love to bite the skin around my nails, but not my actual nails.
and I have a scar on my lip from where I constantly chew it, especially when i'm stressed out!

15/12/2008 17:15:50 (668)
From: eygen
Woooooo I looooove to bite my nails! My toenails are a bit harder because lately my legs are growing so fast it's olmost creepy. I like to bite the skin on my lips too and around the egdes of fingernails as well. Don't like hair though.

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