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bfsigfsdigbsifsdibvsifgeuOFbaiWARgsdg (Insanity #477)

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Title: bfsigfsdigbsifsdibvsifgeuOFbaiWARgsdg

YAY! I enjoy, typing randomly on the keyboard and then looking through what I typed to see if I made any words and then retype them (in the sentence) but in capitals or bold. Just like my title =) I might even do it now


awwww man. Nothing =(   0 points


YAY!   5 points!

Username: DeathPlease (2.3)  United Kingdom
1.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
25/12/2008 18:23:30 (704)
From: john
u forgot to capitalize the DIG in your title
haha this sounds like a fun game tho i should try it

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