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Calculate weird currencies (Insanity #480)

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Title: Calculate weird currencies
Description: i usually ask people ( women mostly ) how many camels they would be worth, and then calculate to usd, and then to bulls semen and or human semen.
ive figured one camel is worth about 800$ (morrocan camels of course, the others range up to 20000$ thats just too much)
and 1 liter of human semen is just about 19 camels
and 1 liter of bull semen is about worth about 3 camels
so i calculate and quickly respond how much semen i would need to buy her :D that sure startles any girl :P
Username: butji (1.9)  Denmark
2.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
15/12/2008 15:58:43 (667)
From: wonderbread
ur an idiot. not insane, just and idiot.

12/12/2008 15:21:14 (664)
From: butji
about 3.2 ml a time, so you better get pumpin already :P

10/12/2008 18:06:21 (663)
From: ihaveagiraffe
It takes a long time. Trust me.

09/12/2008 02:30:02 (656)
From: Red
Exactly how might one collect an entire litre of human semen? 

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