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PARANOIA (Insanity #489)

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Description: *I always feel as though someone is watching me. (Cameras or stalkers)

*Whenever I turn a corner, I anticipate that someone is on the other side, waiting to attack me. I then prepare to preemptively strike said person instead. This is also true when I enter/exit a room.

*I also always check under my car before I get into it.
I used to live in Phoenix, AZ, where people would wait under your car with a knife, slit your ankles, and steal your car. I developed a racist phrase to remind me to check for someone under my car:
"Check again for Mexican!"
Es comico, no?
Username: ihaveagiraffe (3.1)  United States
3.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
28/01/2009 20:05:01 (826)
From: ihaveagiraffe

Aww...Poor ignorant person who is easily offended.

Lo siento, bebito.  :'(

29/12/2008 16:31:38 (709)
From: tania
what are you tryin to be funny with that or what?

i mean thats being racist sayin "Check again for Mexican!"
yea no es comico ok

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