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Cigarette smoke (Insanity #49)

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Title: Cigarette smoke
Description: I grew up a non smoker while my parents smoked all the time. I had to endure the smell and the stains all over the house.  Now years on I have my own house. Nobody smokes in or around it. Not on my driveway. My freinds say I go to the extreme when I send them out onto the road in the middle of a thunder storm for a smoke.   Now I got major issues, Because I can smell cigarette smoke in my own home when thats not possible?   Am I paranoid?   Or maybe all that growing up in my parents home made me this way? :-(

Whatever the case people, Be thankful I am not your dictator. I would initiate smoking as a hanging offence :-)
Username: AMK (2.6)  Norway
3.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
18/07/2008 14:01:13 (375)
From: MrclWrkr11

u shud tri spraying fabreeze.......i lyke fabreeze 0_0

03/01/2008 18:56:30 (133)
From: Jimppu
That's just the way I am, though my parent's only smoke like twice a month. Even still I always whine them about it. And if I see someone smoking I just think that if they want to waste money on a suicide then thats none of my problems.

22/10/2007 17:38:00 (66)
From: shweenasty

I grew (am still growing?) up in a house full of smokers, and I can't STAND the smell/taste/sight of a cigarette. It almost drives me over the edge. I understand your pain. My problem is that I can't smell the smoke, but everyone else around me can. My mom's bad habits are making me smell bad AAAAGHHH!!!

17/10/2007 17:38:51 (63)
From: defensive

I'm exactly the same, cept I'm luckier coz I didn't grow up in a house of smokers. Still, I get extremely annoyed and curse and swear everytime I have to inhale smoke. Whoever snokes isn't my friend. Its a tad extreme but I feel that if they wanna kill themselves, they shouldn't recruit. Don't flame, its personal.

Though, maybe the years inhaling smoke in your home has led to a more acute sense of detection? I'm super sensitive to cigarette smoke, can smell it 2 miles off. Maybe its passing or come from your neighbors? You might be a little edgy in the home area though it might help if you made your present home look or feel different from your previous smoke-filled one. 

Its amazing you haven't taken up smoking and are so adamant about it. Way to go and don't stop sending your friends waaaaaaay out to the highway when they wanna light up. ;+)

01/10/2007 20:32:07 (60)
From: jason
They say that if you can smell burning when there is none, that means you're having a stroke. Perhaps you're having a stroke? ;-)

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