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My Overly Combative Nature Yields Overly Violent Daydreams (Insanity #490)

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Title: My Overly Combative Nature Yields Overly Violent Daydreams
Description: *When I'm talking to someone, I often think of different ways I could incapacitate him/her as quickly and painfully as possible. The thought process includes checking for anything that could be used as a weapon. (Walls, sticks, computer monitors, backpacks, etc.)

*I think about what I would do if, randomly, someone pulled out a gun wherever I am. I play through a plan of action in my head. I give myself a route to take in order to escape or overpower the aggressor.

*Whenever I'm walking around in a heavily populated area like a concert or airport, I am super aware of the people around me, paying close attention to those who might potentially attack me or whoever is walking with me. I try to be prepared for an attack from any direction.

Username: ihaveagiraffe (3.1)  United States
4/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
24/01/2009 04:38:49 (825)
From: weirdo
As long as you don't suffer from those thoughts or feel that you have to act on them (well, unless somebody pulls a gun or the like), I'd say you're prepared. And maybe a liiiittle scared of other people.

09/12/2008 17:30:12 (657)
From: wonderbread
i know exactly what you are saying. i go through the same exact thing. idk what it is but it makes me smile when i think about it.

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