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"Duck means locked..." (Insanity #50)

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Title: "Duck means locked..."

Back when I used to smoke a lot of drugs, and come home at night in a less than sober state, I would always worry about forgetting to lock my front door and therefor have someone break into my house... and I would have to admit it was my inebriated state that led to the doors being left wide open. We have the turn-lock style ones on the door, and with the two bolts holding it on (eyes) it looks sort of like a duck when the lock is closed properly. Anyways, I would look at the locks before going up to bed and say "Duck means locked." to myself to affirm the doors were indeed locked. I no longer do drugs but I still find myself saying "Duck means locked..." absentmindedly when I check the doors before going to bed.  

Username: subliminal (2.7)  Canada
2.7/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
08/12/2007 18:50:32 (92)
From: lacitabas
Thats actually not a bad idea!
I'm always worried someones going to dropkick my door down.
what a neat way of knowing its locked! awesome :)

29/10/2007 21:50:40 (75)
From: Sav07
You like security

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