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Invisible friends (Insanity #502)

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Title: Invisible friends
Description: So, every september, at the start of the school year I make an invisible, make believe girl-friend. And I mean it. I spend all my time with her, even spend time at home talking to her, even if she doesn't exist. We go to dances together, watch movies together, spend all out time with each other. Even sleep together. If we break up, I try to make a new person. There was even a time when I was afraid she was pregnant. I don't think what I'm doing is strange, but people like to make fun of me in my grade 12 class. Am I insane? Or is this justifiable, and just me being more creative than other people?
Username: Empty-space (3)  Saudi Arabia
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
02/01/2009 12:02:27 (716)
From: XbabypriX

I think it's weird, i used to have my 2 invisible bessiez, when i was 5 but i never used to pretend that much, but i think it's sweet.
and by the way, I'm from England, we dont do 'grades', we do years, what year does that make you in?

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