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I need to send naked pictures to strangers (Insanity #504)

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Title: I need to send naked pictures to strangers
Description: I got a new mac 3 months ago, and can't stop taking pictures of myself naked and sending them to strangers on Craigslist. I get a rush from men telling me how much they want me, how beautiful I am. I am happily married, and he knows I do this, actually encourages it because I get so horny every night as a result. The problem is I get depressed if I don't have e-mail constantly worshipping me. Am I sick?
Username: warmsoftglow (2.8)  United States
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
24/03/2009 01:17:57 (859)
From: forbid
send me the pics--- send all you want

20/01/2009 19:34:39 (821)
From: Phieeel
Feel free to send some pics my way.
Phieeel at hotmail dot com.

12/01/2009 17:22:39 (791)
From: howzer
i love the female form -

05/01/2009 17:15:27 (741)
From: JollyRobin
Send to anytime you want ^^, I might masturbate to it.. ;)

31/12/2008 09:32:28 (714)
From: JohnW8808
I'm interested. Send away, hon.

29/12/2008 17:12:31 (712)
From: belld10
send some to

26/12/2008 17:12:22 (707)
From: aligel
please send me babe.

25/12/2008 18:24:29 (705)
From: john
send some to

23/12/2008 10:59:02 (698)
From: jason
Hay Slideon? What's she's look like? Is she pretty?

Warmsoftglow, my contact details can be found here. ;-)

19/12/2008 20:28:20 (687)
From: warmsoftglow
Gladly,slideon.I've been waiting for someone to ask! Give me your e-mail,please.

19/12/2008 20:07:49 (686)
From: slideon
you are dirty.. send mesome pics

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