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Objects In The Bathroom (Insanity #51)

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Title: Objects In The Bathroom
Before I can take a shower, I firstly have to re-arrange all of the objects on the side of the bath to ninety degree angles and make sure everything is neat. I find it impossible to shower when everything is cluttered. The only three items I ever move are the shampoo, the conditioner and the shower gel or soap I will be using, and I tidy those away as I use them. This is not just a case of being tidy and organised, it actually prevents me from showering if this is not the case.

I also refuse to use towels that are left in the bathroom, because even if they have been used by people who are clean - because they have just showered, the thought of them having rubbed it all over their bodies unnerves me.

I don't wear the same clothes after a shower either. Not even with fresh underwear, I have to have a completely new outfit. 
Username: Emily (2.8)  United Kingdom
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
18/07/2008 14:04:47 (376)
From: MrclWrkr11

thats lyke definatly ocd...........i dont have to do anything except take my clothes off b4 i take a shower.................

29/10/2007 21:52:00 (76)
From: Panoto
i cant be in the same room as a teacher i dislike if he is there i have to get away pronto sounds like ye has ocd defenito

29/10/2007 21:49:41 (74)
From: Sav07
maybe you have a obsesive compulsive disorder (ocd) this is wat you need to do

15/10/2007 17:42:37 (62)
From: jason
Hi Emily,

Thanks for the input.

Why does everything need to be neat before you can take a shower?... (I'm no-one to judge, I like the toilet seat down before I take a shower!)

Bye for now

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