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Prayers (Insanity #514)

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Title: Prayers
Description: When i was 12 i got right in the middle or a natural disaster (would take too long to explain what happened and so on, but anyway i sat down and prayed for the first time of my life and I survived. but after that i had a feeling that I had to pray every single night cus god had given me another life cus i prayed for it so now he wont give me anything else if i dont pray for it. So every night i had to do this: I started with just holding my breath and counting to 15 (to get his attention) then  I had this whole prayer going on, where I asked for EVERYTHING that i want and dont want to happen. it started out big taking about 15 times just to make sure i didnt forget anything, but later on when i felt safer i shortened it down a bit taking away parts that i covered already. I've never told anyone about this till now cus i was really embarrassed of it. and if someone disturbed me when i was in the middle of it I had to start over. I'm not very religious but im not an atheist but i kept on cus I thought what ever is out there will take that part i miss praying for away from me. this went on for i believe it was 4 years or so, then i just stopped doing it. I cant remember why but...

so now im asking, is this sane or...?
i mean i know a lot of prays at night but for a reason like this or in this kind of way?
Username: PostisPer (2.2)  Sweden
1.5/5 Sane Insane

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09/01/2009 17:30:09 (764)
From: ditas
I don't really know... but i was in a similar situation =x
once when i was about 8, i really wanted to go somewhere, and i prayed really hard, even cried, and the next day i went to that place i wanted to go =)
For a few years after that i kept praying for some stuff i wanted, and i usually got it... i was lucky i guess..
But i stopped that, because i knew i was being selfish, i only prayed when i wanted something. Plus, i am not religious at all, so i don't know who i was praying to -.-"
I do believe there is something or someone out there more powerfull than the simple human being, but i don't believe in any religion =)

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