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Smelling my fingers (Insanity #515)

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Title: Smelling my fingers
Description: If i scratch my balls (especially inside my pants) i have to smell my fingers right after it i dont know why and i dont get all messed up if i dont but i do it... anyone else that does this? :)
Username: PostisPer (2.2)  Sweden
3.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
28/02/2009 16:12:49 (854)
From: agghnooo
i do that too, except ima gurlll.........

12/01/2009 17:11:28 (788)
From: AshlieFay
I always smell my fingers after i've scratched my scalp? probably because I don't have balls, though!

08/01/2009 06:19:42 (757)
From: highfly29
Yeah, do that as well, but in my case think it was where when I was a small child and because I scratched myself until I drew blood (still do) I was wrapped tightly in cloths at night with my hands unable to move positioned down there! Anyway its also a good way to ensure everything is working fine down there!

06/01/2009 18:44:47 (748)
From: BillySpleen
Yeah , except I don't have balls , but I do the same thing almost.

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