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Windows (Insanity #516)

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Title: Windows
Description: I have a huge problem with windows. or im not afraid of them but whats on the other side of them. i mean i've spent some times just looking out of windows when it was dark outside just thinking of what could be there and with my imagination I see things... vampires mentaly disturbed ppl zombies werewolves you name it i've seen it... creeps me out and therefore i can not sleep with an uncovered window, got some problems with doorknobs. if i keep looking at them i can see them moving and some murderer coming in to kill me. but the thing is i find it really fun to sit and watch those windows x| and that doesnt make it any better.

anyone else who has a problem with this or find doing this fun? :)

ps. once i actually saw something reaching in a slightly open window. some kind of animal with long skinny fingers. there is no such animals in sweden the closest zoo is like 200km away and the closest town is 30km away. i saw it when i stepped out of the shower and it ran of as soon as it saw me. I still have no clue what it was or where it came from, doesnt get any native animal close in description and i've heard anything  like that around here.
Username: PostisPer (2.2)  Sweden
2.5/5 Sane Insane

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