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About me bitchess =] (Insanity #52)

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Title: About me bitchess =]

Im Olivia, nice to meet you (:
well, more like your getting to know me because idk you yet
welll im 15 and i live in usa...
i like hip hop, rock, and anything i can groove too
i love my friends to death, and my boyfriend of course <3
i like to talk soo we should do that, cuz theres more to me than this little paragraph :)
oh and that thing called myspace, i got it

Username: wutdafuxupx3 (3.3)  United States
3.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
07/08/2008 00:19:27 (438)
From: tania
hey it's okay that you introduced yourself i did that 2 until i got the hang of what this was(lol)

18/07/2008 14:07:23 (377)
From: MrclWrkr11

dating website this is not..................that sounded really way definatly 5/5................not

17/04/2008 20:52:42 (237)
From: Flashkat
Maybe this is a 50-ish guy that likes to introduce himself as Olivia and talk like a 15 year old female.  Or this girl just got the wrong website.

27/12/2007 18:43:10 (125)
From: livalittle

olivia is a girls name

28/11/2007 14:57:25 (88)
From: chris
Apart from advertising himself on websites you mean Jason :)

18/10/2007 22:21:44 (64)
From: jason

Hay Olivia, nice to have you on-board.

I was kinda hoping people would talk about their cute quirks, odd habits and what-not. You got any strange habits we should know about? :-)

Bye for now


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