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Dolls (Insanity #526)

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Title: Dolls
Description: Dolls freak the shit outta me - every time I see their eyes - they seem mean and willing to cut me into pieces and then laugh about it for a long time.
Username: BillySpleen (3.1)  Moldova
3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
12/01/2009 20:39:37 (800)
From: masterfreak
im the same way but its only posalin dolls and childs play is one of my favorite movies

10/01/2009 10:19:17 (787)
From: billyspleen
Damn dude....of course I've seen the movie .. this is the one that made me hate dolls !!!!!!!!!

09/01/2009 23:26:25 (786)
From: jason
Oh, that should have read "*You'd* pee your pants", sounds deeply wrong the way I wrote it first. <blush>

09/01/2009 23:24:49 (785)
From: jason
One final one....

09/01/2009 23:22:42 (784)
From: jason
That's Chuckie from the Child's Play movies. Have you not seen them?... I'd pee your pants! :-)

Anyway, I'm glad you liked to picture. I hope you sleep well tonight.... until the dolls come to life and attack you!!

09/01/2009 23:14:49 (781)
From: billyspleen
Fucking Christ Jason !!! I almost shit my pants cuz of this freaking thing ewwwwwww , maaan , the perfect doll of my nightmares...thanks !! :))

09/01/2009 23:13:41 (780)
From: jason

There's nothing scary about this happy little fella...

09/01/2009 22:46:03 (771)
From: candygirl22
I know!!!! Dolls are SO scary!!!! I've had nightmares about that before!!!

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