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Roadkill (Insanity #53)

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Title: Roadkill
Description: Everytime I drive by a dead animal by the road, I say the following:

Good luck in the next life.
Username: edgelynd (1.5)  United States
1.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
15/11/2008 03:09:26 (627)
From: Red
My daughter recently told me when she sees a dead animal, she says a prayer for it and it's family.

01/08/2008 14:11:07 (409)
From: Gothic_Hippy
I play a game called the roadkill game which I invented a few years ago to keep me entertained on long car journeys. If you see a dead animal, you gain points according to what it is... 10 points for small rodents and birds, 20 points for rabbits, badgers and other small animals, 50 points for cats dogs and foxes, 100 points for humans and animals not native to the country you're in eg tiger. 1000 points for an alien or celebrity. If you kill the animals points are deducted! Except if you hit a politician, then you get bonus points :)

21/01/2008 18:59:20 (136)
From: hunkydoris
that's great!
buddhists do that all the time :)
maybe you were one yourself in the previous life ;)

30/10/2007 18:59:47 (79)
From: panoto
aww that is actually quite sweet even though the animal is  ded. saying that probably brings good luck

29/10/2007 21:47:26 (73)
From: Sav07
aaahhhh Maybe you believe that there is an avterife and that is a good luck saying.

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