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addicted to shoplifting (Insanity #535)

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Title: addicted to shoplifting
Description: I steal stuff all the time at stores.  It's so ridiculously easy.  I'm so good at it too, it's not even funny.  But I'm too much of a chicken to steal anything that's big and/or expensive.  I get this awesome rush every time I get away with it.  I know I should stop, but it's so hard not to do it!
Username: writerchick86 (2.3)  United States
2.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
28/02/2009 15:56:40 (850)
From: agghnooo

Not saying i am going to but........... someone could easily call the police after you admitted it it would take some time to find who you really are but they could do it!!!!! SORRY IF I WORRIED YOU!!!

15/01/2009 17:29:11 (811)
From: miss_cellophane
Lots of people do that.  it's not insane, it's just a chemical rush in your brain. Just like drugs, only not physically dangerous.  you should stop, though.

15/01/2009 00:34:51 (805)
From: JollyRobin
I used to steal things too, and i thought i was like REALLY good at it. until i got cought.. well i had to get cought twice before i stopped.. I am 15 years old and i have 2 crimes in my register... YOu dotn wanna have that, right?

14/01/2009 22:11:36 (802)
From: ditas
hahaha, nice excuse, i liked it xD
well, i just hope you don't get caught =)
g. luck**

09/01/2009 18:34:37 (767)
From: writerchick86
It has to be pretty small, and something that can easily be stuck in my purse.  So most of it is pretty inexpensive.  One time I stole a bunch of jewelry that totaled probably $150... I felt bad about it, but couldn't afford it and felt the department store was trying to rip people off anyway with their ridiculous prices on things that cost hardly anything to manufacture, and were made in China by workers that are paid almost nothing for their labor.  That's my warped philosophy right there.

09/01/2009 17:07:07 (763)
From: ditas
what's the best/most expensive thing you stole?
I used to do this too, and sometimes still get an urge to do it, but i can control it =)

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