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Am I Obsessed With Books? (Insanity #541)

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Title: Am I Obsessed With Books?

I love books. My New Year's resolution is to read 2009 books  in the year 2009.

Is that normal? Am I obsessed with books?

Username: candygirl22 (2.7)  United States
2.7/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
15/01/2009 17:21:21 (808)
From: miss_cellophane
You won't be able to read that many.  It's insane that you think you can.  I also imagine you are not as clever as you think you are. 

09/01/2009 23:16:31 (783)
From: billyspleen
That's freaking cool - as long as it won't make u do smth crazy if u don't manage to read them all :))

09/01/2009 22:59:01 (773)
From: jason
That's an awful lot of books.

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