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dreaming of past... (Insanity #549)

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Title: dreaming of past...

it was an odd dream... "i remember walking through a forest, wearing just a pvc catsuit, weapons clinging to my sides as i spot a foe, running up behind him as i rip it down their back, as deep as it can go, and as slowly as i can make it go, hearing him scream in agony and fear, yanking it out of him as he falls to the floor, lifeless. my hands gripping onto his rips skin as i pull it apart and tg it from him, leaving a chunk of it in my hand as i walk away, massaging the blood into my hand as i fling the chunk into the grass..." and i woke up with dried blood upon my hand...i wasnt on and i dnt no where it came from.....0.0

Username: satansFreak (3)  United Kingdom
3/5 Sane Insane

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16/01/2009 22:41:27 (820)
From: satansFreak
sorry ment to b " a foe, running up behind him ''''taking a knife out of its holder'''' as i rip it down their back..."

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