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yah... i got issues (Insanity #551)

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Title: yah... i got issues
Description: my name is Nava, i have to dye my hair a different color every month  i dont like sqares but love boxes. i try to connect all of peoples freckles into obtuse triangles, i feel like people are watching me when i'm alone in my room.... i love rabbits and am deadly allergic to figgs... i love spiders but you mention eny other form of creepy crawly and i spaz out.
Username: Nava-iz-Lava (3)  United States
3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
05/02/2009 17:52:32 (830)
From: monkees4va
above is sick XD
and you sound very interesting Nava

22/01/2009 23:04:16 (822)
From: jason
How do you feel about cockroaches? :-)

I hope you didn't just 'spaz out.'

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