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DONT LAUGH (Insanity #555)

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Description: when i am sitting in school and someone is behind me and they start laughing i think that they are for some reason laughing AT ME is this weird or insecurity???
Username: agghnooo (2.4)  United States
3.5/5 Sane Insane

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19/09/2009 14:09:47 (866)
From: iloveduckies

I always get this when I'm on my own and walking towards a group of people, if they look at me or are laughing while walking towards me i think they are laughing at me :| ! I get so insecure about it that I try when possible to take detours round back roads :S

05/02/2009 17:51:06 (829)
From: monkees4va
its not weird I get that feeling all the time lol

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