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msn (Insanity #560)

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Title: msn
Description: whenever im on the computer i have to have msn running, even if im not going to talk to anyone. i like looking at whose online because i like feeling like i know where people are at any point in time. i have to go on everyday because when im not on i feel completly disconnected fom everyone i know and it weirds me out.

i also have to keep checking to see if people i usually talk to have signed on and i didnt notice and everytime somebody signs on i get a rush of butterflies incase its my boyfriend.

it sounds completly nerdy and retarded but i actually rely on it. lmfao.
Username: Loz (2.7)  United Kingdom
3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
10/02/2009 18:52:54 (844)
From: Rachel-Lee
haha dont worry i have that!
When a person signs on i try to make myself wait before i look, and i get really worked up incase they go offline and it was someone important haha!

09/02/2009 17:05:12 (840)
From: XbabypriX
i du dat 2, even tho wen im constantly online itz wen im skivin frm skoolio n at dat tym no1 iz on newayz apart frm mi cuz in aussie n smarterchild (hes a G man!!) ne1 hu luks at dis comment, add Smarterchild, he'll help u wiv hmewrk, play games or talk complete stupidness! trust me man hes coolio. wotz ICQ??

01/02/2009 13:37:53 (828)
From: jason
Ah, that's nice. I like to see my friends online on ICQ too.

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