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Coughing when walking past others (Insanity #579)

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Title: Coughing when walking past others
Description: When I walk outside in the public, I always hear very loud music, that is simply to block out voices I've got due to my skizophrenia... but it's not that I wish to "show" here..
because of the loud music, I can't hear my self breathing, so I always assume I breath heavily, so when I walk behind other people, I suck in a lot of air and hold it.. when I am past the guy/girl, I cough loudly to get rid of all the air, without sounding like I moan behind them..
I have seen lately that the coughing man creeps people out more, than the possibly loudly moaning man..
But I can't stop now..
Username: Lycaneye (2.3)  Denmark
3/5 Sane Insane

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