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Air-piano (Insanity #586)

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Title: Air-piano
Description: Sometimes, when I hear a song that I know pretty well, or I'm trying to remember how the song went, I would just start tapping my fingers like there is a piano keyboard in front of me. I just tap away into space, following each tone, as if though I'm playing it.
Username: kriptosporidium (1.7)  Serbia and Montenegro
1/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
20/10/2009 22:18:24 (867)
From: Mrclwrkr11
Lolz, i do that 2! my friend video taped me doing it on a bus ride one time, he was laughing so hard but i didnt even realize i was doing it...

26/08/2009 03:45:21 (865)
From: john
hahaha i do that ALL the time It's so much fun

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