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different person in my dreams (Insanity #589)

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Title: different person in my dreams
Description: ok there is this cartoon cariter i made his name is experiment 34227 or f.r.e.a.k i could not figure ut a cool arcronim yet working on it but anny who so he is this 15 year old kid who has some powers telikenises and pyrokensis and is wicked good with samary sword so when i am asleep i am not me im am him and i see thing thru his eyes so i have like 5min dreams of something crazy happening like one dream freak was in prizon and it was diiner time or lunch i duno but this one guy looked him in the face and he look him in the eyes and the guy said give me your dezert he looks at his desert i think it was jello and he said no and pick him up by the throwt and throws him across the room and then throws a fire ball at him then the riot guys come down and restain me and throw him in this room were there ar no widows and it really dark then it ends there
Username: masterfreak (2.1)  Canada
2/5 Sane Insane

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