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some little habits ... (Insanity #64)

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Title: some little habits ...

I have quite a strick routine especially at night, things that i have to do. Before i go to bed i always have to wipe (brush is with my hand)  my pillow otherwise i can't put my head on it, even though there is probably nothing on it, then i check the whole room for spiders checking in all the corners of my room, luckly i only have a small room! After this i have to turn the light off before i take my glasses off otherwise i turn on th light put my glasses on check the room and wipe my pillow again (basically repeat the other steps).
I also wash my hands constantly throughout the day and the main thing that i hate is when my hair gets in my mouth, i go a bit crazy lol, in the mornings gettting up and ready, i can't touch my face after ive touched my hair, so i wash my hands each time ive touched my hair.

Also slightly different, i have dreams not nightmares really just like life dreams about things that could happen to me and other people, i dream alot during the day, and then keep dreams going like sequals its like im leading 2 lives!

Username: becky (3.5)  United Kingdom
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02/01/2009 20:00:13 (719)
From: PostisPer
I have a friend who washes his hands all the time as well, he does it every time we pass a bathroom if we're going somewhere. i've asked him why but i've never got a good answer. also he washes them with soap as well so the  (dunno its the real word for it in english) grease/ body fat? well anyway it disappears and his hands get dried out. And that causes cracks on his knuckles. =/ so take care of your hands and watch out for using too much soap :P

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