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Mushrooms!!! (Insanity #65)

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Title: Mushrooms!!!
Description: I am in my forties and I am afraid of mushrooms.  When I was a little kid, my mother used to do a lot of gardening.  One thing I liked helping with:  picking mushrooms out of the lawn.  I thought they were neat - they would just pop up overnight!  She gave me a little book which identified all kind of!
But she always made me WASH MY HANDS after BECAUSE TOADSTOOLS ARE POISONOUS.  Shortly, after that period (4 yrs old), I developed a pretty bad phobia...Mycophobia, fear of mushrooms.  I had nightmares, I would not walk on ANY grass barefoot, I wouldn't (and still won't) touch them, smell them and DEFINITELY NOT eat them (willingly).  I've moved ahead a little - I ate some pizza with mushrooms...willingly.  Not so bad - gave me the creeps a little.  I eat chinese food with black mushrooms - because you can't really recognize them.  But those little shitake mushrooms in Japanese food are the exact shape of a nightmare to me.  I HAVE to pick them out - it's embarrassing!
Username: geojive (2.4)  United States
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20/04/2008 03:37:15 (240)
From: jesusheraldo
I work at a mushroom farm you should see some of the nasty mushrooms we get in there.

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