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finger nails (Insanity #68)

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Title: finger nails
Description: I have to make sure all my finger nails are the same length. If they are not I cut them down until they are.
(I work in IT, that may have something to do with it.- Using a keyboard practically 24/7 does not allow one to have nice nails anyway)
Username: MonkIsHarmlessComparedToMe (2)  Switzerland
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Comments (Newest First)
25/08/2008 21:10:14 (479)
From: jessiemarie25
yeah I have to have my nails short or it drives me nuts I dunno what it is but I don't like long nails on me anyways lol

30/01/2008 18:19:25 (154)
From: toti
I don't find that weird at all, it just makes sense!

26/11/2007 18:59:30 (86)
From: son_of_the_sun_1987

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