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Guy takes pill (Insanity #70)

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Title: Guy takes pill
Description: I take my pills dry.  Why? Because I can!  I never liked swallowing pills.  When I was a kid, I saw Fonzy on Happy Days take an aspirin - he swallowed it dry like a tough guy - but clearly he was not happy.  Then I went to rehab (for alcohol) and hung with a bunch of people - but some of the girl pill-poppers would take their meds dry (as did one of my bi-pol buddies).  Just pop'em in and swallow without blinking.  So I started doing it too.  Now people think I weird for this.  Just try it...there's a little trick to's easy...join the club!  Caution: Don't try it with vitamin C's till you're an expert!
Username: geojive (2.4)  United States
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
30/01/2008 18:22:20 (155)
From: toti
Not that I do this, but I understand that getting pills stuck in your throat is more a mental problem than an inevitability. You just have to open your throat properly.

21/11/2007 22:07:28 (85)
From: Ditas
Hum... interesting!
But wouldn't you get that feeling the pill is stuck in your throat?
I mean, with water you barely feel it :s

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