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Get a hold of yourself! (Insanity #76)

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Title: Get a hold of yourself!

Being tickled does not make me laugh at all.
However, being slapped repeatedly in the face makes me laugh hysterically, almost to the point where I can barely breathe.
This was discovered by my sister, who likes to show this abillity off at dinner parties.

Username: osellius (2.6)  Canada
2.3/5 Sane Insane

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30/01/2008 18:27:30 (156)
From: toti
I don't know how weird you are, but your sister is definitely disturbed! Actually, I myself deliberately shut off my ticklishness when I was a kid as a survival technique, because my father was always tickling me until I shrieked and sometimes wet myself. It's still shut off.

27/01/2008 04:40:16 (145)
From: selin
omg that sounds soo cool...if i was ur friend u would be laughing 24/7 i have a weird thing for slapping ppl i love it...cant control it....

14/12/2007 00:21:44 (107)
From: Ifritiago

11/12/2007 22:04:37 (101)
From: jason
I'd be interested in seeing that. Is there any footage on You Tube? :-)

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