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Do you see what I see? (Insanity #77)

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Title: Do you see what I see?
Description: I like to draw eyes. There is probaly not a sheet of paper in my house that does not have an eye doodled on it somewhere. I've been doing this since I was very young, and I think I disturbed a few teachers back in school.
I sometimes have over twenty eyes on the same page.
Username: osellius (2.6)  Canada
2.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
30/06/2008 19:05:41 (281)
From: slurpyzklown
i draw eyes on EVERYTHING i also have been doing it since i was little i only draw one eye though i never draw a pair of eyes just one and then another but they are different and they are mostly always a left eye.

29/05/2008 19:42:02 (265)
From: Kyramy
You aren't that weird cos i do it too :P
If their are 4 of us then it can't be that strange... Can it?

16/12/2007 17:41:54 (114)
From: legacy321
I went through a phase of drawing eyes. Probably because they were the only things I could draw..

11/12/2007 19:32:31 (95)
From: Snailfood
wow I do that to. Not since I was a kid but now I'm addicted.
When there's nothing else to do I start to draw angry eye all over. 

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