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has anyone.... (Insanity #80)

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Title: has anyone....
Description: Has anyone, when they are kids or even now. as do I.
had the thought that as soon as you turn off your bedroom light that you had to jump into bed because monsters come out from under it as soon as the light is out and you dont want them to get you!
for me personally its been crabs or lobsters..... *shudder*
Username: lacitabas (3.4)  Canada
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
29/05/2008 19:47:51 (267)
From: Kyramy
I am actually petrified of the dark (along with needles and escalators)
But with me same as 'Snailfood' it is some kind of "Evil Shadow" I do it with the toilet as well but that is ghosts.
Maybe its cos of harry potter and moaning murtle :S
Who really knows

02/01/2008 22:35:14 (131)
From: sarah
I know what you mean. It's always been Vampires for me. Even now it could be a really hot night but I need the duvet up to my chin. ( My Mom through away my security blanket when I was 16) . Does not help when you have a mad cat that dives on you in the night!
 Sleep tight!

16/12/2007 17:32:27 (113)
From: legacy321

I used to do that whenever I flushed the toilet.. Still do, sometimes.

13/12/2007 23:50:20 (105)
From: Ifritiago
I feel that too. I hate to be up in the dark. I get the feeling that something will catch me. When I was a kid I was always having nightmares where people catch me, and I remember that it was ALWAYS in a dark room. And now, when I dream with dark rooms I quickly wake up XD  

11/12/2007 22:02:29 (100)
From: jason
Well you've got to assume that given the size of the universe that there are bound to be civilizations out there with the power to travel through wormholes to any point in space (even under your bed) and that at-least some of those civilizations are going to be made up of giant, multi-eyed, slobbering monsters with a craving for human flesh. Anyway, sleep well. ;-)

11/12/2007 19:35:06 (96)
From: Snailfood
I think I will never get over my fesr of the dark. When I was yonger, everytime the lights went out I would imagine some kind of evil shadow that came after me.

09/12/2007 23:46:05 (94)
From: Ditas
Yes, I used to do that!
But I used to think it was a crocodile xD
I'm kinda over that, but when I watch horror movies alone, i still tend to do that!

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