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Santa! (Insanity #82)

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Title: Santa!
Description: I am scared of Santa! When i was a little kid, on xmas eve i would sit in front of the door and tell my daddy not to ever let santa in our house! i was so scared! i wouldnt go to bed! when i was 5 my mum had to tel me santa doesnt exist so i would go to sleep :( now whenever i'm in like a garden centre near xmas, and theres sum1 pretending to be santa, it scares the sh!t outta me :(( !!
Username: XISwearISayX (2.8)  United Kingdom
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
21/01/2008 18:50:46 (135)
From: hunkydoris
matixa, and other people who are afraid of clowns:

don't EVER read 'IT' by Stephen King.

17/12/2007 22:41:08 (116)
From: Ditas
well... i think your the first person scared of santa that i've know... and i agree that clown are weird, but i like them..
now, BALLOONS!!!  I don't like being around baloons, they really scare me... and if one bursts near me, my heart starts to race i sometimes it scares me so much that i start crying...!

13/12/2007 20:41:12 (103)
From: matixa
What about clowns? Those creepy things are supposed to make us laugh?

They scare the hell out of me!

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