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colours, shapes and sizes - 1st OCD (Insanity #83)

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Title: colours, shapes and sizes - 1st OCD
Description: I have a serious problem when it comes to organize my things...
Usually I take more time than regular people because, for example, with clothes, I have to arrange them by type (t-shirts only with t-shirts, tops with tops...), which means size and shape, and order them by colour.

If, for any reason I don't have time to organize my things like that I star avoiding to open the closet and pick my own clothes. I really hate to see things out of the place. Once I begin to order my stuff I can't do any other things before I finish it.

This happens, not only with clothes, but also with cans, bottles, and stuff like that.
Username: matixa (2.6)  Portugal
2.5/5 Sane Insane

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